I can look at a clock and know the time but I don’t understand how time flies or heals. I know how to waste time however I’m not very good at stealing time. And where is all my lost time?

Recently, I learned that a dog, a fly and a human all experience time differently and that these differences are not arbitrary but based upon metabolic and environmental pressures. I wondered whether a 507-year-old edible clam, nicknamed Ming (c.1499-2006), was wired to experience time stranded in the intertidal waters north of Iceland. Possibly not, never the less I am creating a series of quilts that ask: What Did Ming Miss? This project is on going and should be completed sometime in 2019.

Initially, my intent was to address playful topics and translate my ideas in bright colors in a naive art style. As the tumultuous US Presidential primary and election came to pass, the subject matter changed to reflect the attitudes of an anxious, frustrated and perhaps bamboozled nation.

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