Back in 2006, scientists dredged up a deep-sea clam off the coast of Iceland. By counting the growth lines in the shell they learned that the clam was 507 years old. Unfortunately, the clam was stored in the freezer and died. The clam was knicknamed “Ming” by the London Sunday Times because it was “born” during the Chinese Ming dynasty.

Just One Word: Plastics

What does 500 years represent to a clam? I decided to use Ming (c. 1499-2006) as my artistic muse and created a series of twenty (and counting) hand-appliquéd and framed quilts that illustrate “What Did Ming Miss?”

Below is a selection of “Ming” quilts.  Photos by Aaron Paden

Happy As A Lark
Paper Dolls
Time Paradox
Ming Dreamed of Moving to Italy
Playing Dress Up
Un-word of the Year
What’s For Dinner?