It was recently discovered that the same region of our brain that is responsible for our visual senses is also involved in interpreting our memories.  These quilts focus on this juxtaposition.

The quilts in this series began as sun paintings with backyard foliage as stencils or found objects.  Images were manipulated and combined to produce a single digital image that was printed onto a fabric panel.  The result is a whole cloth quilt constructed from digital textile prints that is machine- and hand-stitched.

Contact me if you would like to purchase a quilt. 

The Serengeti, 14″ x 51″
On the Surface, 31″ x 19″

All text and images © 2022 Kathy Suprenant.

Below the Surface, 29″ x 29″

In the permanent collection of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, Golden, CO

Beyond the Surface, 41″ x 35″