Upcoming and Current Exhibitions

October 28-31, 2021

I create art on the elastic edge of art and science. I am an upcycled scientist, recently retired, no longer teaching, running a research lab or chairing a science department.  Now my art studio is my place of thinking and making. It is where I ask open-ended questions, ponder the big picture, and where I learn from failure and celebrate success.

As a cell and molecular biologist, I bring a different perspective to my art quilting. In many cases, my artwork appears magnified and somewhat distorted as if viewed through an imaginary lens.  While I may see cells and mysterious microscopic organisms in my quilts, others look outward and observe asteroids, planets and stars.

I work in two very different quilting styles: whole cloth quilts and hand-appliquéd tile quilts.  I create my own fabric for the whole cloth quilts either by traditional relief printing or by digitally manipulating my original sun paintings.  The appliquéd quilts utilize both hand-dyed and commercially printed fabrics.  All of the artwork is heavily hand stitched and machine quilted.

September 17- October 22, 2021

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