Mystery quilt

I grew up in northern New York State a little south of the Adirondack State Park. In winter, I used to sleep with a wool and flannel quilt that was warm but also very itchy and heavy. When I complained about the quilt, my mother reminded me that my grandmother found the wool for this quilt in a book that fell off the train. Really?

When my grandmother passed away I brought home a trunk that was full of treasures. An unexpected treasure was a large book of men’s suiting samples (3” x 5”). A crayon rubbing revealed the text. The cover reads Autumn & Winter, 1914-1915, American Specialty Tailoring, ASTCO, New York.

Nana had torn the wool samples out of the book to make the quilt. Nothing is wasted and the empty pages of the samples book became a scrapbook.  On some pages she attached postcards where the suiting material was torn away.  On other pages she created artistic arrays of magazine cutouts of the 20’s and 30’s.

Enjoy and remember that mothers are always right.

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